Review 2/8: Essence Get BIG! Lashes

5 maart 2012 | Geplaatst in Beauty
Hello lovely blogreaders!
Today the second review of the eight I will post in a row. I couldn’t make a post yesterday ’cause I was at the Ladies Day in the Amsterdam Arena, viewing the soccermatch Ajax – Roda JC, even though I’m not a fan of Ajax or Roda I had a great day! The review that I´m going to post today is the new mascara from Essence Get BIG! Lashes.
Essence Get BIG! Lashes: “all true beauty queens aspire to extreme, extraordinary and totally spectacular lashes! Of course, you need the ideal mascara to achieve this. From February 2012, Essence presents the latest generation of volume mascaras with the new trend edition”get BIG! Lashes”. Together with the ultra-shaping formula, the innovative mega brushes unite the three most important features for great lashes: ultimate lenght? guaranteed! Fabulous volume? Up to 7 x more! Amazing buoyancy? As dynamic as a rollercoaster!” 
This is what Essence says about the mascara: “maximum effect! the curved brush gives you fascinating curls and extreme volume – one application is all you need!” Well lets see what I think about this Get BIG! Lashes mascara, click on read more.

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Product information

Brand: Essence
Product: Get BIG! Lashes Volume Curl
Price: €2,29
Other products: Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof and Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost


On the picture above you can see one of the three new mascara’s of Essence. When I read about this mascara’s for the first time I was really curious how they will work out, ’cause I’m a big fan of the ‘I love extreme mascara’ from Essence. I bought this mascara at the Kruidvat. I love the simple package of this mascara. It’s very clear what this mascara does for you eyes and I love the name of these mascara’s! The grey colour may be a little bit boring but in combination with the black and pink it’s perfect. RATE: 7,5


The Get BIG! Lashes mascara’s all have a large brush to create volume on your lashes. This brush is curved to create voluminous curled lashes and I like the fact that this brush isn’t made of rubber. The brush is flexible, large and it has the right curve to put the mascara on you lashes. The only negative point is the fact that the mascara is going to stick on the opening of your mascara bottle and as you can see on the picture below: on top of the brush there’s a lot of mascara. RATE: 8


I was very curious about the mascara so I used it the next morning to test it. The mascara is liquid and doesn’t clot on the brush, so that’s very positive. I choose for the volume curl mascara cause I love curled lashes with a lot of volume. Due to the large brush you can apply the mascara very easily on all your lashes. For the lashes in the corners of your eyes, I used the top of the brush. But before I start with applying the mascara I remove a bit of the mascara on top of the brush, because there’s to much on it if you apply it to you lashes. You don’t smell the mascara if you apply it, only if you put your nose close to the brush or bottle. RATE: 8,5


In the pictures above you can see on the left my eye without any mascara, in the middle I put two layers on my lashes and on the left one I seperated my lashes with a clean brush and I removed the mascara around my eyes. As you can see the mascara does give your lashes more volume, so they didn’t lie about that! I am again really confident with this mascara of Essence and if this one’s empty I will buy a new one or maybe try the waterproof one. My lashes are voluminous, curled and really black! RATE: 8,5 

Have you tried this new mascara from Essence? What’s your opinion?


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